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 A homegrown Milwaukee Creative, Britt Musial is a curious artist in every sense of the word.    Her inquisitive nature drives her to constantly explore new mediums, materials and techniques.  Influenced by her interests in photography, design, and graffiti, her graphic collections display an honest expression of her interest of language, context, and perception.   

Britt is currently inspired by metal, fire, and wood.  Using a variety of mediums and techniques to manipulate and deform her materials, she composes steel, copper, wood, and acrylics in combination with other found objects and up-cycled items.  Britt’s graphically vibrant compositions are layered with color, texture and material expression resulting from a process yielding both intentional and unintentional results.




  • Var Gallery- October 2015 -Collective show
  • Rogues Gallery- November 2014 -  “Metalwaukee” solo show
  • Studio Lounge MKE- November 2013 - “Slate” solo show
  • Studio Lounge MKE- May 2013 -“Eracism” collective show
  • Studio Lounge MKE-November 2012 -“Mil-WALK-ee” solo show



  • FIS Mobile- San Francisco and Petaluma, CA
  • Diavola Pizzeria- Indianapolis, IN
  • Who’s On Third- Milwaukee, WI
  • Gruber Law Offices- Milwaukee, WI
  • YoFactory- Milwaukee, WI



UW-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts

Fine Arts & Graphic design

Favorite courses: 2D/3D design, jewelry and metalworks, digital arts